I'm Andreea, a passionate and versatile Visual Artist with a lifelong dedication to the world of art.


My Services

My main area of expertise is digital illustration, and with creativity and versatility I provide the following services:

Illustration Design

Crafting custom digital illustrations for various purposes, such as websites, mobile apps, books, marketing campaigns, or any platform requiring unique and eye-catching visuals.

Visual Identity Design

Establishing a distinct and memorable visual presence for individuals or businesses, by creating unique visual elements, color schemes, typography elements, and other design components.

Brand Collateral Design

Offering services to design a wide range of brand collateral, including marketing materials, social media graphics, brochures, and other visual elements that contribute to a consistent and compelling brand communication strategy.


Crafting Utilmond's visual elements

Showcasing how I contributed to the overall visual identity of the platform by crafting unique illustrations and icons in a consistent visual language.

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Featured Work

Explore a curated gallery of my work, where each piece takes you on a visual journey that captures the essence of my artistic expression.

Let's collaborate

Versatility is my forte, so I'm ready to seamlessly adapt to your unique art style. Whether it's a mid-term/long-term project, or a full-time commitment, I'm enthusiastic about exploring the possibilities and bringing your creative ideas to life in a way that perfectly aligns with your vision.

Feel free to reach out for project inquiries and discussions.